Do you Own a Timeshare or Vacation Club?

Timeshare or Vacation Club? | Vacation Ownership Advisor

Unfortunately, some companies try to take advantage of these new and older owners daily when owners of timeshares have nowhere to turn after the sales process.

These “companies” disguise themselves as marketing companies with the owner’s timeshare resort. The premise is to “rent or ‘sell” their weeks or points for a profit, which is not true. These companies ask for a “listing fee” to start the process, and after owners send the money, these companies don’t follow up anymore and move on to the next owner.

The goal of Vacation Ownership Advisor is to educate the owners, help them use, understand and enjoy their ownership year after year! These negative experiences can be avoided with proper follow-up and customer education.

To start providing your owners a customer experience, they not only expect but deserve, don’t hesitate to get in touch with VOA for more information on how to get started!

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