What is the cost of hiring five full-time employees for a timeshare resort or vacation club to offer customer service and follow-up?

Resort or vacation club

Let’s use an example that each employee earns $20.00 an hour to make the math simple:

$20.00 an hour x 8 = $160 a day x 5 employees = $800.00 a day x 5 days a week = 4,000 a week x 4 = $16,000 a month x 12 = $192,000 a year.

Only looking at the salary, the costs approach $200,000 a year, omitting any other expenses of equipment, training, insurance, benefits, and more that can quickly put the cost at over $250,000 annually for five customer service representatives.

Imagine the cost of those five representatives were vacation ownership industry experts knowledgeable in all types of ownership. Five representatives with years of experience on the tables and sales floor that relate to the owners’ experience and provide them with invaluable knowledge on best use, understand and get the most value from their ownership.

Five representatives can help owners see and understand the value of paying their annual HOA fee and explain the importance and value of their ownership level. And show them how to use it to make the owner more engaged, less likely to search for answers on social media forums, and willing to upgrade or even refer friends.

Would the cost be $300,000, $400,000 or even $500,000, probally closer to $500,000 if not more.

By offering Vacation Ownership Portfolio Management by VOA, timeshare resorts and developers can now save upwards of $500,000 or more in annual costs! VOA provides owners the proper understanding of how to use their ownership and understand all the benefits while providing customer service they not only expect and deserve!

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