How many people can stay in a two-bedroom suite?

How many people can stay in a two-bedroom suite? | VOA

For those in the travel industry, it’s a straightforward question, what about a new owner planning their birthday trip to Maui? This birthday trip would not have been possible for an owner without VOA.

The VOA Concierge Team was contacted by a member requesting to find her a beautiful two-bedroom for her and five friends in Maui for June 2022. Our team searched the member’s platform and found a fabulous two-bedroom at the Kaanapali Alii Resort in Lahaina. The resort website listed the two-bedroom at just under $10,000 for the week. The member’s rate was only $2,800!

The member was so happy and excited to book her vacation that the VOA Concierge Team provided her with the direct number to secure the accommodations; the member called back the next day, saying, “The unit only sleeps five people, and we can’t make the reservation” Our Concierge Team asked “Who told you this? The member replied, “The person taking our reservation on the phone; said it only gives an option to have five people, sorry.”

VOA quickly called the resort and confirmed the resort does accommodate six people in the two-bedroom, yet the owner’s club’s reservations team and their online platform only let you book for five people.

VOA called the owner and informed the owner to make the reservation for five people. Our team told her that we would merge her on a call with the resort to add the 6th person to the reservation once she has the confirmation.

Owners go through these situations every day and are left in the dark for answers. This was not the owner’s fault; they were told they couldn’t make the reservation for six people, which was not valid. Having VOA throughout the year gives owners the assurance that they can maximize their benefits and enhance their overall vacation ownership experience.

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