Understanding Maintenance Fees & Ownership

Maintenance the fees

The million-dollar question is why timeshare owners dread paying their maintenance fee? Why do owners say my maintenance fee is too high, or I will buy more, but I don’t want to increase my maintenance fees?

The answer is quite simple; they don’t see the value of paying X dollars and receiving X amount of weight in return. Imagine the first-time buyer goes through a presentation, purchases, goes home, and then tries to navigate this global system and figure out how to get the most value from the money they have spent for their ownership and annual dues.

The options are:

Call customer service. Will customer service walk them through vacation valuations, explain the value of booking a resort with the maintenance fee vs. what it would cost online, and explain all the valuable benefits as an owner? No

Search on social media chat forums how to use their ownership. These pages have some helpful tips; some use platforms to post negative comments to express their frustration towards the company they purchased. Let us be honest they are not industry experts and not available to work with the owner seven days a week to ensure their happiness.

Call their sales representative. There are about 5% that do work with their owners and will answer emails and call members back. Many owners never hear from their sales representatives again and get lost in the entire system.

Owners need Vacation Ownership Portfolio Management; VOA provides members with industry professionals to help owners learn how to use, understand, and extract the optimal value every time they use their ownership. VOA is Available seven days a week, 365 days a year to answer their questions and show owners how easy it is to use what they own and, as an example, how to pay $700 in maintenance fee and book a $2,300 vacation, and so much more!

Vacation Ownership Advisor Team