What is the value of Marriott Platinum Bonvoy Status?

What is the value of Marriott Platinum Bonvoy Status? | VOA

Part 3 of 4

Lounge Access is one of the most hidden gems in the Marriott Rewards program. The key to unlocking this benefit is knowing the hotels that offer lounge access and taking it to the next level.

Now let’s get a plane and travel to Abu Dhabi! The Ritz Calton in Abu Dhabi on the Grand Canal has a stunning lounge on the 7th floor that overlooks the pool and is available daily to Platinum members from 7 am to 11 pm. Your breakfast is complimentary, and drinks and snacks are available in the lounge all day.

If you are suddenly thirsty for a refreshing drink and not interested in paying $20 for a drink and another $20 for a sandwich, no worries, head up to the 7th-floor lounge! By the way, they also change the food presentations five times a day! The lounge access is easily worth $200 a day per person; keep in mind that the real value is having access to a private lounge to relax and enjoy a glass of wine, coffee or tea with friends while spending $0.00. This experience is priceless!

Spending a week at this five-star resort as a platinum member can provide you with an excess of $2,800 in lounge access value as a Marriott Bonvoy platinum member!

Members of Vacation Ownership Advisor enjoy the benefit of not having to research what Marriott to stay in when traveling if they want the best longe experience and value. VOA directly enhances the member’s customer experience by providing a one-of-kind service called Vacation Ownership Portfolio Management.

A member with a five-star customer experience who understands not only how to use but also sees the value of their benefits is 10 x more likely to be loyal to that brand and use the rewards program more!

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