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What is the minimum value I want to receive when I use Marriott Bonvoy Points?

1 cent per point.

How many Hotel categories does Marriott have to offer?

They have 8. Ranging from Category 1 – 5000 points up to Category 8 – 100,000 points for a standard room per night.

Can I transfer Marriott Bonoy Points to airline miles?
Yes, over 40 airlines are available to use —most all covert at 3 Marriott Bonvoy to 1 airline mile. We have helped many Marriott Bonvoy reward members receive the maximum value for their points using this option.
How many base points do I earn for being a Marriot Bonvoy member when I stay at a Marriott property?
10 base points. This number then goes up depending on your status level.
Can you earn points booking a cruise with Marriott?

Yes, You can earn 3 Marriott points per dollar spent. You can earn a maximum of 30,000 points. Plus other great discounts and benefits.

Is buying Marriott Bonvoy points good value?

It’s not the best; we suggest before doing so, talk to one of our advisors and discuss what you are planning to do with those points to properly assess the trip’s value versus what you’re paying.

I have a United Airlines Premier Gold Status. Does that help with Marriott Bonvoy?
Yes, this gives you Marriott Bonvoy Gold Status.
I am close to earning Marriott Bonvoy Platinum Status. Is it worth it?
Yes! This is an enormous value if used properly. Between the late checkouts and the lounge access, it’s a home run, not to mentions suite upgrades when available—this one of our top-rated hotel statuses to have each year. It’s a tremendous value!
What are the Marriott Bonvoy Elite Status Levels?

There are five status levels to Marriott Bonvoy elite status:

  • *Silver Elite 10 to 24 nights per year
  • *Gold Elite 25 to 49 nights per year
  • *Platinum Elite 50 to 74 nights per year
  • *Titanium Elite 75 to 99 nights per year
  • *Ambassador Elite 100+ nights and $14,000+ in annual spend per year (for 2021 only. In 2022, the spend requirement will return to $20,000)
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Yes, We specialize in all types of ownerships globally affiliated with RCI, Interval International & more.

Absolutely not. Our mission is to help and assist vacation ownership and or travel reward program members of all brands and companies to use better and secure the optimal value for what they own.

Here are a few examples of what our Concierge Service offers our members:

  • Need to book a golf outing, make a reservation at a restaurant for a business meeting, night out with friends or family?
  • Need to let the hotel or resort know you’re arriving late?
  • Need to know the possible upgrade options before you arrive at the hotel? Let us call ahead for you.
  • Need to book a car, SUV, or limousine for a special occasion.
  • Flowers sent to someone special.
  • Searching for a special event, concert, or sporting event tickets.
  • Desire to explore Napa Valley with a private wine tour.
  • View your favorite city by helicopter.
  • Charter a private jet for business or a family vacation.
  • Our members have direct access to our concierge team, via Whatsapp, 365 days a year.

Simple! Send a direct message from our website to our live agents or contact us by phone or WhatsApp at (702) 752-5200 – Email [email protected] – We are also on Facebook – LinkedIn – Twitter – Instagram – Youtube

No worries, Our team of Vacation Ownership Advisors can help you plan and book your vacation. We can assist in looking for the best airfare and scheduling sightseeing tours or activities on your trip. Don’t worry; this is all included with your membership – no hidden fees or costs for providing this service to our members.

Simple, We offer members the option to pay monthly for the time they need our service. We also offer a discount to our members that choose to use our services for a complete 12 months.

Yes, our members can book the same hotels found on public travel platforms such as Expedia. The profit from these bookings on public travel platforms can be hundreds or thousands of dollars for one stay! We give our members that cashback for booking with Vacation Ownership Advisor. Providing our members with cashback 72 hours from the time of booking is our way of giving back to the many owners who trust our services.

Yes, We would be glad to help. We offer a membership specifically for our clients in this situation. It’s important to get the maximum value for your hard earned points. We will ensure you receive all the benefits offered with your program(s) at your status level.