Are you a Westgate owner?

Are you a Westgate owner? | Vacation Ownership Advisor

The benefits offered every day are sometimes the most overlooked. For starters, most restaurants at Westgate properties give 15% off to owners; this can add up over time – over a lifetime of ownership can be in the thousands of dollars. Remember you bought your Westgate ownership for a lifetime, not just your next vacation.

Don’t forget to take advantage of the 15% owner discount at Serenity Spa offered by Westgate! You deserve to spoil yourself and save a little money while you’re enjoying your well-deserved vacation!

Not a fan of long check-in lines? Westgate owners have an expedited pre-registration line for owners – allowing you to make the most of every minute of your stay.

Say goodbye to those expensive resort fees: Westgate owners are exempt from paying extras for Wifi, Gym, in-room safe, and so much more!

These are just a few of the daily benefits a Westgate owner can take advantage of every time they use their ownership!

Happy Traveling!

Vacation Ownership Advisor Team