Changing Our Guest Experience

Changing Our Guest Experience | Vacation Ownership Advisor`

Vacation Ownership Advisor is changing the guest experience for Vacation Ownership members of all brands. Owners now have a recognized & trustworthy brand in the industry that is focused on making sure the Owner understands how to use, understand, and get the optimal value from their Ownership.

Members of Vacation Ownership Advisor receive personal assistance 7 days a week via zoom call, live chat, email, text, or a simple phone call.
Our members have the ability to travel outside their Ownership using our Member travel platform to hotels around the world and receive cashback 72 hours after they make their reservation. Our cashback hotel booking platform can provide over $1,500 of cashback on one vacation!

The benefits don’t stop there; our friendly App provides restaurant and shopping discounts to retailers across the United States.

As a Timeshare or Vacation Club member that has invested thousands, maybe tens of thousands of dollars in your future travel,
Vacation Ownership Advisor provides Owners with the knowledge and ability to see for themselves the tremendous value of their Ownership.

Vacation Ownership Advisor Team