The Customer Experience On Vacation

The Customer Experience | Vacation Ownership Advisor

Soon many of us (and our clients) are going to enjoy a well-deserved vacation, a key time to give and enjoy a good customer experience.

Holidays: A Key Moment For Clients And Companies

Holidays: one of the days most awaited by all where we have more time to enjoy family, friends, disconnect from the routine, discover new places … In short, to have a good time.

It is at this time when many companies have to make an extra effort due to the increase in customers that occurs in this holiday period and it is a time when customers demand higher quality in the services they hire or products they consume, and it is logical: many people are looking forward to those vacations all year round and, in many cases, they will have invested a good amount of money to enjoy them as they deserve.

We are also talking about a very special client: it is not a type of client that uses our services or uses our products continuously as occurs in telecommunications, supermarkets or basic services (electricity, water, gas…); These are clients who will have a short relationship in time and where we will have to give the best of ourselves as a company or business in that short space of time.

Hotels, restaurants, passenger transport companies, shops that are in tourist spots, children’s camps, car rental companies, campsites, pet care businesses, toll roads … and so many businesses have to prepare to attend to the logical increase in customers, and for many of these companies and businesses, it is the opportunity of the year to increase their sales and income, and, in many cases, it is the key to their survival for the rest of the year.

Apart from all this, it is also a great opportunity to offer the best experience to our customers and that they repeat next year and the best time to get those customers to become our best promoters and attract more customers.

If companies are aware of this business opportunity, I cannot think of a better time to carry out the necessary efforts and investments so that our clients enjoy the best of the best experiences and leave with a good taste in their mouths.

You Have To Be Prepared

During the summer many companies reinforce themselves by hiring employees only for the holiday period and here many times the mistake is made of hiring people who are not very prepared to face, precisely, a moment where we will have more clients and where the degree of demand of these will be very high. It is expected that thousands of new contracts will be generated during the summer. That is why we should take great care of this point and invest time in selecting the right people and giving them training. That guarantees that they will serve customers correctly. Moreover, make an economic effort with remunerations commensurate with the value of the employee.

Due to this increase in customers and there will be a greater workload, it seems logical to think that not everything will always go smoothly and those unforeseen events will occur that will have to be resolved as quickly as possible since the customer experience does not only consist of giving exceptional attention but also in solving the possible problems that arise with our clients. Having a series of processes in mind that quickly resolve these problems and a good compensation policy will help us improve the experience of our customers.

It is estimated that this year the USA will receive more than 100 million tourists and that it could surpass France as the preferred tourist destination in the world. Therefore, it seems more than logical that these tourists feel at home and can communicate with us correctly: have documentation in the most widely spoken languages ​​in the world, guarantee that the employees who are facing the client know how to communicate in another language or know the culture of other countries to know what we have and what we can offer to our clients seem to be basic ones that will help us improve the client experience.

And finally, let’s not forget that we are in a digital world and that most of our customers make massive use of technology: having good Wi-Fi coverage or mobile device charging stations, as well as the possibility of The client, can communicate with us through the e-mail or chats will make us gain many integers in the experience of our clients.