Did You Know The “Best Deals” Are Not on Expedia?

While popular platforms like Expedia, Trivago, Hotels.com, and Booking.com are often considered the go-to places for vacation deals, they do not offer the best prices.

πŸ” Eye-Opening Fact: Expedia Group Vice Chairman and CEO Peter Kern’s 2021 compensation was a whopping $296 million, with his salary around $850,000. Digging deeper, we found that he received $157 million in stock awards and $137 million in option awards. This means that, including bonuses and salary, he earned an astounding $2,897 for every dollar the average employee earned!

❓ How is this even possible? One word: PROFIT.

πŸ’‘ Example Time: The Marriott Autograph Collection in South Beach from Feb 10 – 17 is listed on Expedia for $4,611 for a King room. But, as a member of a Travel Club, the rate drops dramatically to $2,791!

πŸ’° Savings: $1,820

🌟 With that extra $1,820, here’s what you could do:

1. 🍹 Enjoy gourmet meals and drinks every day of your stay!

2. πŸ›οΈ Have a lavish shopping spree at local boutiques!

3. 🌊 Book exclusive excursions, like a private boat tour!

πŸ€” The Big Question: Would you rather spend that money creating memorable experiences or contributing to the CEO of Expedia’s salary?

✨ At VOA, we believe in transparent value and putting more vacation magic back into your pocket!

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