Do you own a timeshare with Westgate?

Own a timeshare with Westgate? | Vacation Ownership Advisor

If the answer is YES, you should feel terrific not only about owning but when you pay your annual maintenance fee also!

Let’s say you own a spacious two-bedroom, and your annual maintenance fee is $1,600 a year; is that a good value?

The answer is YES, especially for those with Vacation Ownership Portfolio Management by VOA. Vacation Ownership Advisor does the homework for you and finds the best times and values to use your ownership, maximizing your annual maintenance fee and more than justifying your upfront cost.

How? This is just one example, from December 26, 2022, to January 2, 2023, at the Westgate Palace Resort 6145 Carrier Drive, Orlando, FL, 32819, listed on Expedia for $4,635.00! Let’s keep the math simple, $4,635 minus $1,600 that’s $3,035 of value; if you paid $30,000 for your ownership in 15 years, you would break even if the cost of hotels never goes up. Yes, your maintenance will go up, but the value will always outweigh the cost if used correctly! If you are the type that says, “I make 8% a year on my money every year”, you are still spending money and, in the end, have zero for it.

Hotel rooms in the early 1970s average prices were $45; today is $200! The resale value in 50 years is irrelevant; you’re getting enormous value every year by paying your maintenance fee. When you spend $3,600 a year in maintenance fees in 2072, and the two-bedroom condo is on Expedia for $12,500.00, your family will be able to afford to travel in luxury two-bedroom villas thanks to your great decision to become a Westgate owner!

You have a deed; this is something that over your lifetime and your families will give you enormous value and create priceless memories.

Start offering VOA to your member base and allow your owners to experience the difference!

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