What happens if we don’t adapt or are not open to change?

Don’t adapt or not open to change | Vacation Ownership Advisor

That most straightforward answer is that all avenues of growth stop, and the new opportunities headed in your direction will end up in someone else’s hands. In other words, those people will be left behind and be known as dinosaurs.

The best part about being open to change and adapting to new ideas is that you have more opportunities to statistically enhance your probability of success.

Many of us have seen leaders in our industry say, “The numbers are great; we don’t want to do anything to hurt them, don’t change anything you’re doing.” These comments limit the sales representative’s overall growth potential, telling them not to change or try anything new. This is the worst thing you can tell your team; the mind will only now worry about not making mistakes when it should focus on delivering a creative and dynamic sales presentation.

The numbers are only great because better numbers have not been achieved consistently.

Why does a 17% cancelation rate have to be acceptable? Why shouldn’t it be 10%?

Why shouldn’t the number of owners defaulting on the loans be less? Is it possible? Of course! It’s about change and adapting to new processes.

Long-term success requires adapting to change and being open to changing the process of how we believe things should be done.

From all of us at Vacation Ownership Advisor, we wish everyone a successful week!