Experience a Luxurious Year-End Vacation in the Maldives. Yes, It’s Possible with VOA!

Imagine this… being greeted at the airport and escorted in a private car to your yacht, which sails you to your dream destination – The Ritz Carlton Maldives! 🌴 Now picture yourself spending 5 extraordinary nights at the Ritz Carlton in a one-bedroom ocean pool villa from December 27th to January 1st. It sounds like an extravagant affair costing you around $38,986.20, right? 🤔

Well, what if we told you that as a Marriott Bonvoy member, this trip could be yours for just 600,000 Bonvoy points? 😱 Yes, you read that right!

At VOA, we don’t just offer vacations; we teach our members how to maximize the usage of their rewards points, timeshare, or travel club membership. 🏖️👍

In the points game, if you get 0.01 cents per point, you’re doing okay, but anything less and using your points’s not worth it. This New Year’s Vacation in the Maldives provides over 6 cents per point!📈📲

VOA’s exclusive and trademarked service, “Vacation Ownership Portfolio Management,” ensures you receive the best value for your points! So, let’s redefine luxury vacations together! 🎇

Stay tuned for our exciting Christmas post in the next few days; it will bring more value to your holiday planning. 🎄💫