How critical is customer engagement?

How critical is customer engagement | Vacation Ownership Advisor

Customer engagement is a major determining factor in a resort or vacation club’s long-term success. Any developer can sell vacation ownership, but very few genuinely commit to year-long follow-up and guidance on how to use, understand, and get the most value from their membership.

The sales process usually ends after a welcome call or quick follow-up, but the journey is beginning for the member. Leaving a member to navigate the vacation ownership system on their own can leave a member frustrated and feeling buyer’s remorse months after the sale is completed.

Providing touch-points throughout the year and personal follow-ups to see if they need any assistance with any upcoming travel plans completely changes the perspective of what the member purchased into a highly positive experience.

One company that has seen massive success by installing this process is Vacations4you! The members of Vacations 4 You receive year-round follow-up and assistance, ensuring they get the value from their ownership and have an excellent feeling about becoming an owner.

Preventing potential lost sales, members that may have read bad reviews or need to go over how to use their ownership can be easily accomplished by including Vacation Ownership Portfolio Management by Vacation Ownership Advisor. Every member is provided follow-up and personal assistance for the first 30 days at no cost to the resort or member. Ensuring each member receives a minimum of five touchpoints in the first 30 days. All of the feedback and information is simultaneously relayed to the operations team of the resort. After 30 days, the member opts in or out for a one-time annual cost of only $249 to have a team of industry experts works with them on all their vacations and ownership questions. The best part is that less than 10% of the members opt out before the 30 days end!

Start offering your members the service they not only expect but deserve!

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