Is a room just a room?

Is a room just a room? | Vacation Ownership Advisor

We hear this comment countless times from first-time buyers on a presentation in the vacation ownership industry. The question is, why?

It’s pretty simple; 1. They have never experienced the difference between a luxury two-bedroom villa and a standard room. 2. People may feel they don’t deserve these luxury accommodations and worry about the cost. 3. It’s a simple way to say, ” I am not interested.”

For those who are well-traveled and have stayed in resort and hotel suites, we know a room is not a room. First-time buyers can’t relate to the experience of booking a villa. The model tour during a presentation must be done correctly and with enthusiasm; it’s what the first-time buyer has to compare when deciding to become a member. From making the reservation to talking about the vacation a month later after you have returned, the entire process is now an entirely different experience when you book a suite on vacation. It’s not just the stay that is enhanced!

Arriving at your hotel or resort knowing you have a suite waiting for you and your family is not the same feeling as coming with a reservation from Expedia. Sales representatives who travel and stay in suites have an enormous advantage over sales representatives who don’t use the product they are selling. They can convey, describe and share their own real-life experiences and feelings with the member using the membership; it’s an invaluable part of the presentation.

Keep this in mind. An owner that has used their membership to enjoy villas and suites with their family will never say, “a room is just a room.” Next time you hear that from a first-time buyer, it’s not their fault – they don’t have the experience to relate to, and the model tour might have lacked enthusiasm and wasn’t appropriately executed.

Remember, your vacations don’t last just seven days; if they did, we would not be talking about them 20 years later to friends, family, and total strangers.