What is the most significant missing part of vacation ownership?

Most significant missing part of VOA | Vacation Ownership Advisor

The answer that stands above the rest is quite simple, EDUCATION.

For those involved in the vacation ownership industry, a Hilton, Marriott, Capital Vacations, Holiday Inn, or Spinnaker ownership is relatively easy to understand. Why? This is our job; we spend every day learning the new benefits and keeping up to date with any changes to the ownership.

Now, the issue for EDUCATION comes when Mr. and Mrs. Smith make the first purchase and have a lifetime journey of learning how to use the ownership. What are their options?

Google “How do I use my vacation ownership or timeshare?”

  • Join Facebook groups
  • Call their friends or family
  • Call the sales representative
  • Call the resort
  • Schedule an owner update.
  • They try to figure it out themselves.

#5 – Is the representative available seven days a week the entire year to answer all the questions, explain the value while working a full-time job, and what if they go to another company?

#6 – Call any resort and tell them to explain the value of the annual matinee fee, and you will probably get scheduled for another presentation for an owner update.

In an industry where the business model is dependent upon RETENTION, the sheer lack of owner follow-up and a process that keeps the member not only engaged and EDUCATED but also shows owners how to use, understand, and get the optimal value every time they use their ownership is a big MISSING STEP in the sales process.

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