Post-Vacation Ownership Presentation Consultation







This one-hour consultation will involve a team of advisors that will review any purchase made during a recent vacation ownership presentation or if there are questions about a past vacation ownership presentation.

  • The one-hour consultation will include but is not limited to reviewing all documents from your presentation if there was a purchase involved.
  •  Answering any questions regarding ownership purchased to ensure the purchase will meet the client’s wants, needs, and expectations.
  • Our team will provide the most accurate feedback based on their professional knowledge in the vacation ownership industry to ensure the client is satisfied with our service and their vacation ownership.
  • In the section “Topics & Questions,” please inform our team of advisors of any questions regarding your recent vacation ownership presentation or purchase. Providing this information will allow our team to maximize the time and value of the consultation.
  • A confirmation email is sent once the appointment is confirmed.
  • The confirmation email will be sent by our advisors no later than 24hrs from when your consultation is booked online or phone with one of our advisors.
  • The confirmation email will include a link to a Zoom meeting with the date and time scheduled by the client.
  • If you would prefer to have this consultation completed by phone, please inform us in the area for “Topics & Questions.”


Thank you for choosing Vacation Ownership Advisor; we look forward to assisting you.

Vacation Ownership Advisor Team


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