Vacation Ownership Advisor’s Exclusive Service: Vacation Ownership Portfolio Management, Now Available to AMS Escapes Members.

Las Vegas, Nevada, May 15, 2023 – Vacation Ownership Advisor (VOA), a leading innovator of comprehensive vacation ownership solutions, is proud to announce its exciting new partnership with AMS Escapes, a premier travel club renowned for offering fantastic travel discounts of up to 82% off public platform prices like Expedia. Through this collaboration, VOA will extend its exclusive service, Vacation Ownership Portfolio Management, to the esteemed members of AMS Escapes.

Vacation Ownership Portfolio Management by VOA is a game-changing service designed to empower discerning travelers, providing unparalleled travel expertise and assistance in managing their vacation ownership benefits/membership. Whether you own timeshares, vacation clubs, hotel/airline/credit card reward programs, or fractional ownerships, VOA’s seasoned team will optimize your ownership experience, allowing you to maximize your benefits while enjoying a stress-free vacation lifestyle.

Its commitment to excellence and unparalleled travel industry knowledge sets this exclusive service, “Vacation Ownership Portfolio Management” by VOA, apart from other companies offering customer service or concierge assistance. VOA’s team of industry experts profoundly understands the vacation ownership industry, keeping up with the latest developments, benefits, and owner levels to provide members with personalized, strategic advice tailored to their unique needs.

In addition, VOA’s partnership with AMS Escapes amplifies the benefits for club members. By combining the special travel discounts AMS Escapes offers with VOA’s exclusive “Vacation Ownership Portfolio Management” service, members can access an extraordinary array of vacation options at unbeatable prices and see real-time value and savings. This collaboration ensures that all AMS Escapes members can maximize their AMS Escapes membership while experiencing and traveling the world in unparalleled luxury and style.

The partnership between VOA and AMS Escapes heralds a new era of vacation ownership services driven by a shared vision of delivering outstanding value, credibility, and professionalism. By leveraging VOA’s travel industry expertise and AMS Escapes’ exclusive travel offerings, this collaboration presents an exciting opportunity for vacation enthusiasts seeking the ultimate travel experience.

You can visit to learn more about Vacation Ownership Portfolio Management and AMS Escapes.

About Vacation Ownership Advisor (VOA): Vacation Ownership Advisor (VOA) is a timeshare/travel club leader, empowering individuals and families to maximize their ownership benefits. With a team of experienced professionals, VOA offers various services, including “Vacation Ownership Portfolio Management,” travel planning assistance, and strategic vacation ownership guidance tailored to each client’s unique needs.

About AMS Escapes: AMS Escapes is a premier travel club offering incredible travel discounts of up to 82% off public platform prices. With a focus on providing unparalleled value and exceptional experiences, AMS Escapes is committed to delivering remarkable travel opportunities to its members, ensuring memorable vacations that exceed expectations.