How does the VOA cashback feature help timeshare members?

VOA cashback feature for timeshare | Vacation Ownership Advisor

Let’s start with the facts; your timeshare will most likely not cover 100% of your future travel. What are your options if you own Marriott, Hilton, and Wyndham as an example and would like to travel to Rome for a large family trip?

If you are a member of RCI, there is a resort 20 km from Rome on a golf course, but that is not downtown Rome. Interval has three properties in Rome. This would be your best shot to book Rome, provided you have enough points or weeks to trade, and you can get the trade. If you own over 7,000 points with Marriott or higher, you can use Villas of Distinction to book a beautiful apartment, villa, or home only issue is there is nothing in Rome.

What if you are a Wyndham owner and have The Registry Collection? Unfortunately, it’s the same answer nothing in Rome.

This leaves three options:

1. Don’t go to Rome
2. Switch your ownership points to hotel reward points (one of the worst things you can do with your ownership for value)
3. Go to Expedia or and pay cash.

A deluxe suite with a sofa bed at the Eitch Borromini Plaza Pamphilj Hotel at Via di Santa Maria dell Anima, 30, Rome, 00186, has only 28 luxury suites. From August 8th to 13th, 2022, five deluxe suites on Expedia cost $13,561; as a member of VOA, your cost is $13,163. Once the reservation is complete, a VOA member would receive an additional $4,238 cashback to the card used to book the stay in 5 business days!

Vacation Ownership Portfolio Management shows you how to use your timeshare and assists you get valuable cashback when traveling outside your ownership.

Start offering VOA to your members today!

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