VOA Weekend Travel Trivia Challenge! 🌍✈️

Hello, VOA globetrotters! It’s time to put your extensive travel knowledge to the test with our most challenging trivia yet. Get ready because this one’s going to require some deep travel memories! 🧐🔍

Trivia Question of the Weekend:

In which country can you find a town named
a) Iceland
b) New Zealand
c) Wales
d) Mongolia

How to Play:

1. Think hard, and when you have your answer, drop it in the comments section below.
2. Challenge your friends! Tag two who you think might know the answer.
3. Share this post because many won’t know the answer!

Bonus Engagement Question:

Can you pronounce the town's name?

If yes, share a video of you attempting it! The most amusing and accurate pronunciation will get an extra shout-out!

Submit Your Answer below 👇