Why Do Members Cancel Within Days of Purchase? VOA Sheds Light!

Are you in the travel industry and puzzled about early cancellations? Let’s dive into some reasons:

🚫 Lack of Digital Presence: Consider a company boasting 300,000 members but lacking an updated website or reviews. Absence of significant social media presence or articles about their brand raises questions. Modern consumers think, “How can such a vast membership have virtually no online footprint?”

🀷 Name Confusion: Some travel clubs’ names eerily resemble others, particularly those with dubious reputations. This unintentional similarity can plant seeds of doubt, making new members question their choice.

πŸ“ž Customer Service Gaps: The importance of professionalism cannot be overstated. But when post-sale promises fall flat? Members grow wary. Dispatching login credentials followed by silence can make members feel duped.

πŸ’° Disappointing First Impressions: Members often call their travel provider for an early reservation, and if the quote offers marginal savings, disappointment sets in. Imagine investing thousands in a membership only to find a mere $100 savings on your first booking. This leads to a high rate of cancellations, chargebacks, and negative reviews.

Enter VOA: We’re tuned into these challenges and actively help our partners overcome them. By aligning with VOA, travel businesses not only circumvent potential cancellations but also bolster their online reputation. We function as an extension of your brand, accentuating member experience and guaranteeing satisfaction.

Looking to boost your credibility and member retention? Think VOA. Let’s discuss how we can be your reliable partner in this venture!