What does the word “Timeshare” mean to you?

What does the word “Timeshare” mean to you?

Timeshare is something all of us use in our everyday lives. If you make a reservation at a restaurant for 7 pm, it’s without a doubt that there was someone having dinner there before you and after you. The dinner table becomes a form of a timeshare.

The seat on your flight from Los Angles to Philadelphia will be occupied on the next flight by someone else. The hotel room you choose to stay in for the night at your destination will most likely have had a guest staying there the night before your arrival and after you check out—sharing time with someone else. By definition, it’s a “Timeshare.”

So, why is, do people tend to shy away from “Timeshare” in the vacation ownership industry? People, in general, tend to have doubts or concerns about a subject if they don’t understand or know how it works.

They may have read bad reviews online and have decided it is not for them, without ever experiencing a vacation at a timeshare” as they would if they heard terrible things about a restaurant, airline, or hotel.

Another reason could be that they bought a timeshare and had a bad experience. The timeshare may provide enormous value. Still, if the member doesn’t know how to take advantage of all the benefits, they become frustrated, and their definition of “Timeshare” changes.

Offering your owners the ability to have a team of industry professionals to help use, understand, and see the value of their “Timeshare” is a step in the right direction to creating a better definition for “Timeshare.”

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