What is Vacation Ownership Portfolio Management?

By definition, Vacation Ownership Portfolio Management (TM) is the managing of one’s entire travel portfolio. A service that provides insight into the many benefits of one’s timeshare(s) or travel club(s). Including but not limited to hotel, car, flight, and credit card travel reward points and programs. Vacation Ownership Portfolio Management (TM) allows members to see the value of their yearly maintenance cost, should they have one. Travel club members see in real-time the value and savings versus public platforms.

Vacation Ownership Portfolio Management (TM) provides year-round follow-up and customer engagement to decrease portfolio delinquency and post-recession chargebacks. Naturally, this Increases owner upgrades and reduces the number of members searching on social media for answers or leaving negative feedback caused by a need for more understanding of the product and follow-up. Vacation Ownership Portfolio Management (TM) by Vacation Ownership Advisor fills the disconnect and void in the travel industry for timeshare and vacation club owners from the point of sale through the entire year. Start offering Vacation Ownership Portfolio management to your owners TODAY!

Waiting one more day can cost your company thousands of dollars and a lifetime of permanent comments on social media.

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