Why did I start VOA?

Why did I start VOA? | Vacation Ownership Advisor

For one simple reason, to better help timeshare and vacation club owners understand, use, and get the most value possible when using their ownership; while providing a five-star customer experience.

June 12, 2022, marked the first anniversary of VOA providing Vacation Ownership Portfolio Management for the members of V4U. On this day, VOA followed up with a member who would later leave a substantial positive impact on what V4U provides and how VOA enhances the value, customer experience, and engagement.

The member informed VOA that they had five adults and three children planning to visit Orlando from July 1 – to July 5 and found a great deal on booking.com for $1490.00. After talking more about the vacation with the member, our team realized this was not just any ordinary vacation. It has a special meaning to the entire family.

The children were not hers; they were her daughters who had passed three years ago due to leukemia, and her husband was placed on a liver transplant list last month. Before buying V4U, they had planned to book two hotel rooms near the Disney park. Our team searched the V4U platform relentlessly for the best quality, experience, and value. Our team found a stunning four-bedroom deluxe villa at the Magic Village Trademark Collection by Wyndham for $1,521.00, saving the member over $2,500 from the public price on booking.com. VOA helped the member secure an additional $180 savings when booking their rental car with V4U!

VOA also saved the member $200 in airfare savings with the travel code SUMMER25, plus discounts on their Disney park tickets. Incredible! Provided by ACCESS.

I have had three calls with this member this week. It’s a fantastic feeling to watch your dream come true and can help others create unforgettable memories through a vacation and the experience of being an owner.

Jonathan Stoker
Chief Executive Officer