Why timeshare owners may not upgrade.

Vacations Ownership Owner

Top 5 reasons your existing owners don’t upgrade after their initial purchase, even if their ownership is completely paid off.

1. We are not using our ownership like we imagined we would.

2. We don’t want to add additional maintenance fees.

3. We feel we have enough at this time.

4. The last sales representative never helped us as they promised, why should we trust you to be any different?

5. We haven’t used what we own.

These excuses mean they don’t see the value and lack understanding of using their ownership. (I am sure we can add more to that list)

It’s not the timeshare owner’s fault; they trusted the salesperson representing the brand the buyer’s trust. The timeshare owner most likely has a fantastic program and doesn’t know how to use it because no one showed them how to.

The salesperson means well, and they want to help. It’s not likely that the salesperson will go over the benefits of their maintenance fee and elite hotel status when a random call comes in on a Friday at 8 pm, so they don’t end up on FACEBOOK reading thousands of other timeshare owners’ comments who believe they are now magically vacation ownership professionals.

Preventing this from happening at your resort is extremely easy!

Either hire a team of industry professionals to be on call seven days a week that will provide “Portfolio Management.” for your owners. (Don’t be confused and think, “We have a customer service team,” it’s not the same) or partner with Vacation Ownership Advisor. Our team will provide Vacation Ownership Portfolio Management at no cost to the developer, saving your company hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars a year. Not to mention happier owners, and it didn’t cost you as the developer one dollar!

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