Are you an American Airlines Advantage Member?

Are you an American Airlines Advantage Member? | VOA

Is it possible to book a flight on American Airlines, put your AA Advantage number, take the flight, and not receive Advantage miles?

The answer is “YES.” American Airlines offers a Basic Economy fare with many restrictions and is not changeable. They are not obligated to tell you that you don’t receive any airline miles for the flight! This is the opposite of what any loyalty program should offer its members. Imagine making a reservation at Marriott International; you find out that you don’t get loyalty points because you paid a cheaper cost for the room.

When an American Airlines supervisor was asked, “Why this was not disclosed at the time of booking,” the reply was, “You should have asked if you are going to get miles” American Airlines has dropped the ball with what a loyalty program means and why it is offered to customers.

The whole idea to have a loyalty program is to keep people in the program and allow them to earn status, not just take their money for booking a flight, renting a car, or staying in a room. Let’s hope American Airlines changes its hidden policies and starts rewarding all people that choose to fly with their airline.

Vacation Ownership Advisor Team