What do people buy at a timeshare presentation?

What do people buy at a timeshare presentation? | VOA

A timeshare would be an easy answer. Well, it’s probably the last thing in order of importance an owner is buying.

First, the owner buys because of the process of how they were treated, from the first touchpoint of marketing to the initial meet & greet by the salesperson to the final close of the sale. If one of these touchpoints were done incorrectly, the odds of any member joining are low single digits to 0.

Second, the vision created for the member during the presentation is about their family traveling, enjoying time together, experiencing higher level service, and overall customer experiences that they would not receive in a regular hotel. If the members can not envision using the ownership, they will never purchase.

Third, the member’s perception of the value they would receive must be high. Understand that the salesperson’s definition of value differs from the owner’s definition of value. No value, no sale.

Last, the owner feels confident that they will have a great experience as an owner, and it will positively impact their lives for years to come.

There is nothing worse than going through this process after the sale is over, dropping the ball, and not doing the proper follow-up. The experience owners have on a presentation needs to stay consistent throughout the year.

The answer to the question is quite simple. People buy experiences, quality service, value, and the opportunity to do something they would not otherwise have if they didn’t own a timeshare. Don’t let the experience change after they leave.

Allow VOA to fill the year-long void for your owners and keep the customer experience and engagement where it belongs, five stars!

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