How important is VOA?

How important is VOA? | Vacation Ownership Advisor

This Facebook post from a Bluegreen Vacations owner is a classic example of what happens to an owner if they are provided with little or no follow-up.

Now, an owner is posting how upset they are with their purchase, sighting more to join in and tell their stories of unhappiness with their ownership. These easily preventable situations do nothing but cause future owners that buy and go online to see these comments to feel, ” Maybe I made a bad decision, and I should cancel too.”

This would never happen if this owner had year-round support and follow-up on how to use their ownership and show the value of their purchase.

The right customer experience creates loyalty, happiness, positive reviews, and increased future business; a lousy customer experience can create feelings of regret and disappointment and cost the business hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars.

Sales representatives should focus on selling their program’s valuable benefits, not overcoming future owners’ objections about unhappy owners posting on Facebook due to the fact there was little or no follow-up process from the resort to ensure the owner knew how to use their ownership correctly or see the value in ownership.

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