VOA is Offering Cashback

VOA is Offering Cashback | Vacation Ownership Advisor

VOA has grown its hotel platform to over 850,000 worldwide, adding over 200,000 new hotels in 2021 alone! What does this mean for timeshare owners that have a membership with VOA?

As hotel reward programs continue to be devalued each year, there has never been a greater need for owners of timeshare brands that wish to travel outside their ownership to get the best value with their reward points or hard-earned cash.

VOA provides its members with a cashback rewards program! Book a hotel with VOA and get cashback in 5 business days from the date of booking.

How much cashback can a member of VOA receive on a single booking?

Members have seen as much as $2,350.00 cashback from a booking for seven nights! That’s Value!

Owners can now use their ownership or rewards points for reservations that provide the most value. When an owner wants to travel to a hotel outside of their resort network, they can rest assured they are getting the best value possible using Vacation Ownership Portfolio Management offered exclusively by VOA. Owning a timeshare and making a reservation is one thing; truly understanding the value of a reservation vs. your annual maintenance cost and how to extract the most value is another part of the equation.

Partner with VOA today and start offering your owners Vacation Ownership Portfolio Management!

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