Is Social Media Good for Timeshare Owners?

Social Media Good for Timeshare Owners | Vacation Ownership

Every day many families spend their valuable money on a Vacation Ownership or Timeshare. These families leave the sales gallery excited and ready to embark on years of travel and create beautiful memories with their loved ones. What happens in the next 72 hours can change the course of their ownership and their entire experience. When owners have nowhere to turn for answers, they immediately start searching on social media, and what they find may not be the best for keeping a new owner happy.

What statements are accurate? Whom are the people posting? Are they current owners or people that don’t like timeshare? Are they industry professionals trying to help the owner get the most value?

Vacation Ownership Advisor solves this experience for the owners by helping them understand their ownership and the best ways to use and maximize the value if you are a developer or travel club, its time to enhance your member’s overall experience and offer Vacation Ownership Portfilo Management to all your members.

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