Why do owners reach out to strangers on social media about a personal family decision that involves their hard-earned money?

Reach out on Social Media

Simple, they don’t understand what they are own and how adding additional points or time will enhance their ownership experience and overall value. It’s not the owner’s fault; the resort doesn’t provide and follow-up during the year to ensure the owner is engaged and understands how to get the maximum value from their investment and annual HOA.

So they turn to total strangers because they have nowhere else to get help. Every family has different needs, travels to other locations, travels at different times of the year, uses different types of suites, and has different levels of ownership; that completely change the ownership benefits.

The list goes on and on: Imagine if owners had a year-round follow-up and a team of industry experts that could explain how to use their ownership level benefits the right way to enhance the owner’s vacation experience.

Vacation Ownership Advisor identified and has solved this missing step in the sales process by offering “Vacation Ownership Portfolio Management” to owners. Our partnership with Vacations4you! has shown tremendous positive results over one short year:

  • Lower cancelations.
  • Lower portfolio delinquency.
  • Increased closing percentage and owner upgrades.
  • Enhanced customer experience and engagement.

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