There Has Never Been A Better Time To Travel

There Has Never Been A Better Time To Travel | VOA

2021 has brought all kinds of changes to the travel, hotel, and hospitality industry. Travel is such an essential part of our lives. To lose the ability to move freely from country to country due to the impacts of the restrictions impacts millions of people daily. People have never had the travel bug, more so than now! Vacation Ownership has never been such a valuable asset to have at this time in our crazy world. Owners of Marriott, Hilton, Holiday Inn, Bluegreen, and many others have never been in a better position.

These developers have invested millions during the pandemic to ensure your safety, comfort, and overall experience are beyond your expectations. Customer retention is now the most significant focus for CEOs, Resort Developers, and everyone involved in the hospitality industry. The ability to arrive at a 5-star branded hotel or resort, enjoy luxurious and spacious accommodations is something we can all agree on is an excellent idea. Owners will see upgrades to resorts, more prominent brands expanding, and offering more attractive incentives.

For many, the best part of a vacation is the weeks before planning, dreaming, and telling your friends and co-workers, you’re going on vacation! What’s the best part of your vacation!?

Vacation Ownership Advisor Team