What’s more important, Trust or Credibility?

What’s more important, Trust or Credibility? | VOA

When building a new relationship, partnership, or customer base, the most crucial factor that needs to be developed is TRUST.

Sales representatives often confuse credibility with trust; they are very different. Sales representatives rely on a customer feeling comfortable to purchase because they have been loyal brand members for years and feel they have developed trust is a huge mistake.

The member believes the company is credible and worthy of spending their time and money, but they don’t TRUST you as the salesperson. Trust comes in time, as the member sees that the salesperson or company keeps their word and follows up as promised, takes the extra time to call and see how they are, instead of calling to invite them to another presentation.

It only takes one non-returned email or phone call to break the chain of developing trust and impact the company that has worked for years to establish credibility with the customer—resulting in lost future revenue, referral members, and poor social media feedback.

The lesson of the day – Never confuse credibility for trust!

Vacation Ownership Advisor Team