Why do small travel clubs tend to struggle?

Why do small travel clubs tend to struggle? | VOA

Here are two of the top reasons why small travel clubs struggle.

1. Lack of credibility – The internet has changed everything. If you are not up to date with the current changes, social media sites, and the importance of Google rankings, it might be better to stick with your day job than open your own Travel Club. Claiming you have hundreds of thousands of owners and have two posts on Instagram, no Facebook page, or Google business account with five-star reviews will not make a member feel confident when they Google your company when they return home after joining.

2. Insufficient amount of customer service and follow-up – If you start your own Travel Club and you feel selling a member and then just turning them to the 800 number offered by the Travel Platform Provider will be enough, you’re missing the big picture.

These agents don’t work for you; their job is to make a reservation, not show them the value of their ownership and ensure their understanding of the product they now own. Their job is not to answer, “How do I use what I own? or “I don’t see the difference in booking with Expedia vs. my membership.” These are real situations that happen every day, and if you are not prepared seven days a week to have an entire support team, your reviews and business will go in a negative direction quickly.

Suppose you are starting or already own a travel club. In that case, Vacation Ownership Advisor has all the processes to ensure your members have a fantastic experience as a member of your travel club throughout the year. VOA works directly with the Club to ensure members are engaged and customer service is a five-star experience. Get started today!

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