Experience The Difference Of VOA

Experience The Difference Of VOA | Vacation Ownership Advisor

As the travel and hospitality industry makes a strong recovery after almost coming to a screeching halt, hotel rates are not on a downward trend. Hotel rates are at an all-time high! The days of budgeting $150 a night for four or 5-star hotels have passed. Resort fees can exceed $50 per night in some destinations!

The people enjoying traveling the most now are the people who bought vacation ownership pre-covid 19. In some cases, owners directly transfer their ownership to hotel rewards, which waives the resort fee when checking into the hotel when using their points.

Owners may also use their valuable club points or week to avoid paying the retail price posted by the resort, saving the owner hundreds if not thousands of dollars. Unfortunately, some say ownership is not worth it, and they don’t see their value. This happens when there is a disconnect, and the owner is left navigating the learning process to use and understand how best to maximize the value of their ownership with realistic expectations.

Owners that use VOA and take advantage of their one-of-a-kind service Vacation Ownership Portfolio Management experience an elevated level of customer engagement. Owners see firsthand the value of paying their annual HOA vs. paying retail on a public travel website, how to best use their loyalty brand status, when to use their hotel reward points, and when to pay cash and use the loyalty status; for its total benefit value!

Vacation Ownership Advisor Team