Vacation Club Cost vs Value

Vacation Club Cost vs Value | Vacation Ownership Advisor

Today let’s look at Marriott Vacation Club’s 4,000 points “Select” Ownership level benefit of “Platinum Lifetime” Status.

To earn “Lifetime Platinum” status, a guest must complete the following:

  1. 600 nights
  2. Ten years of Platinum Status or higher

Looking at the cost, let’s say you manage to get every room for $150, including tax.

(This is a low number); consider its ten years of travel, which means rates will go up, and the chance of the rates being the same in 2031 is slim to none.

The other way to earn “Platinum Lifetime” Status is to Join MVC at the ‘Select level,” owning 4,000 points.

The numbers:

600 nights x $150 = $90,000 over 10 years. Yes, your business may pay for it; in the end, it’s still ten years of your time.

With the current price per point of $15.18, Marriott Vacation Club 4000 points, “Select” Ownership has a cost of approx $60,720.

Annual maintenance fee approximately $2,440 plus club dues


In 10 years, approximately the same 90k is spent; one option gives you “Lifetime Platinum” status and the accumulated points if you haven’t already spent most of them in the ten years of earning them. One million points would give you approximately between 12 to 25 nights in a higher-end brand of Marriott. The “Platinum Lifetime” you spent ten years earning is non-transferable, and if something happens to you, this status does not go to your spouse or child. That’s why they call it “Lifetime Status.”

The Ownership option leaves you with more than a “Lifetime Platinum” status; it provides the opportunity to pass this “Lifetime Platinum” status on to someone else because it is a benefit to the Ownership, Leaving an approx $90,000 gift of “lifetime Platinum” Status to a loved one. The lounge access and suite upgrades received when traveling at the higher-end Brands of Marriott can outweigh the entire cost of the annual maintenance fee if appropriately used.

The Owner will continue to pay their annual maintenance fees and, in return, can stay in a luxurious studio, one or two-bedroom villa offered by Marriott Vacation Club. They also have the option to use select Ritz-Carlton Club Properties! 4,000 Club Points could be used to stay one month in a studio in Hawaii; this would have a retail cost of approximately $8,000, an enormous value for an MVC owner only paying their maintenance fee and club dues on 4,000 points.

Looking at the difference in the two ways to obtain “Platinum Lifetime” Status, we feel the Ownership Option at the” Select level” far exceeds the value vs. the cost! These benefits are just the tip of the iceberg for a “Select level” MVC owner.

Vacation Ownership Advisor Team