How do Club Wyndham owners benefit by using Vacation Ownership Advisor?

Wyndham owners benefit by VOA | Vacation Ownership Advisor

Today let’s look at just a tiny portion of the value a member gets when owning a minimum of 800,000 club points with Club Wyndham at the Gold level.

First, let’s identify the annual maintenance cost; depending on where you own, it will be approximately $6,400. Does this seem high or low? Share your comment below after you finish viewing this video.

If you like getting value for your money, get ready!

To earn Diamond Status with Wyndham by staying in their hotels, it would take 40 nights a year! Using $200 a night as an average, that would be $8,000 a year in hotel stays, plus the travel expenses to arrive at your destination. A Club Wyndham owner pays approximately $6,400, has Diamond rewards status included with their ownership, and has 800,000 club points to travel! A fantastic value!

Ready to have some more fun? Caesars Resorts will grant you Diamond status! As a Wyndham Diamond Rewards member, create a rewards account with Caesars online and click status match; congratulations, you’re a Diamond member at Caesar’s Resorts!

What’s the value? For starters, you get $100 in dining credit at select Caesars restaurants, up to a five-night stay in the Bahamas at the Coral Atlantis property, a $1,500 value, up to $100 in free slot play, and two nights in Dubai at Caesars Bluewaters Resort, a $1,000 value!

How does owning a Club Wyndham timeshare and paying $6,400 yearly for maintenance sound now?

Wait, it gets better!

If you are in Las Vegas, Nevada, or Atlantic City, New Jersey, enjoy free valet (35$ value) and access to Cesar’s swimming pools without staying on property.

Ready for some more value?

Take your Caesars Diamond Status to any MGM property hotel and go to the rewards desk, tell them you would like to do a status match with MGM; Congratulations, you are now a Gold member with MGM Resorts! Your benefits include but are not limited to; no resort fees, upgrades when available, and VIP lines to events or buffets.

Did you know you must accumulate 75,000 tier credits in a calendar year to earn this MGM gold status?

$1 equals about four credits, which means you need to spend about $18,000 a year to earn MGM rewards Gold Status, another massive value for Club Wyndham owners that own over 800,000 club points!

Finally, let’s talk about the Hyatt Explorist Status. Create a Hyatt rewards account, go to the status match, and put in your MGM Gold number; it’s that easy! Hyatt will change your status to Explorist! No need to spend 30 nights at Hyatt; match your MGM Gold Status, a 6,000 value!

The value of Wyndham Diamond Rewards, Caesars Diamond Rewards, MGM Gold Status, and Hyatt Explorist easily exceeds $30,000 annually; a Club Wyndham owner with at least 800,000 club points enjoys all these benefits and so much more for about $6,400 a year!

Showing Club Wyndham owners the benefits of a “status match” is just one example of the benefits of having Vacation Ownership Advisor work directly with your owner base.

As a timeshare developer or an owner of a travel club, offering VOA as a member benefit will add thousands of dollars worth of value to every member’s ownership and most importantly a year-round five-star vacation ownership experience.

To start offering VOA to your members, contact;

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